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A Louis Theroux themed club night is making its way to Manchester

It’s gonna be a pretty weird weekend

Louis Theroux's discoveries span an odd range of topics – from real-life ghost hunters, to Scientololgy and midget brothels. In recent years, potentially because of Netflix, Theroux has seen his popularity soar, he's even reached commemorative tea towel status (wowser).

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Amongst the badges, cushion covers, and even a university society, Louis Theroux has now inspired a club tour.

Operating under the title 'We Gotta Get Theroux This' these club nights will hit the cities of Leeds, Swansea, Bath, Exeter, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, Southamtpon, Sheffield and Cardiff and most importantly Manchester.

The event will display clips of Theroux, club classics and exclusive Louis Theorux T-shirts, as well as a the chance to win a prize hamper for posting the best Louis-inspired meme on the event wall. The hamper will include a Louis Theroux ‘Bae Pillow’, Brew with Theroux mug, DVD collection and face mask.

We Gotta Theroux This will be hitting up Joshua Brookes in Manc on 21st March, so you mad Louis lot can get your fix soon.

Tickets are on Ticketmaster priced at £5.