The best alternative study spots in Manchester this exam season

For when you can’t face the library

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It’s May, and we know the drill: exams are looming, time is disappearing and revision is draining every ounce of your energy.

Are you tired of staring at the same bit of wall in the library? Fed up of getting up at 8am and still not finding a seat? If only there was a way to make this hellish period more bearable.

Well, never fear! Here is our definitive guide to the best alternative study spots in Manchester, guaranteed to provide a change of scene and get those creative juices flowing.

Ziferblat, Edge Street

Located in the Northern Quarter (and with a new branch opening in Media City – the biggest branch in Europe), this pay-per-minute cafe is an innovative, refreshing place to get some work done. At a cost of eight pence per minute and all food and drink completely free, the cosy environment is perfect for cracking on with some revision in peace with refreshments on hand whenever you need a break. There’s plugs and cake so you can’t go wrong.

Chapter One Books, Lever Street

This quiet, quirky book shop offers cheap coffee and delicious food. A bit of a change of scene from the library, or other cafes for that matter. Edgy central – perfect for escaping campus life.

John Rylands Library

This beautiful building is part of UoM, and provides spectacular settings for a bit of last minute cramming. It’s silent, so there’s no distractions – plus you basically feel like you’re in Hogwarts. Working here definitely makes the exam period that little bit less soul-destroying.

Nexus Art Cafe, Dale Street

What better place to feel creative than in a cafe surrounded by modern art? With a studenty vibe, a variety of seats to suit everyone and decor oozing with inspiration, Nexus Art Cafe in the Northern Quarter is ideal for working around like-minded people with a chilled vibe.

Central Library reading room

Central Library may seem an obvious choice, but it is most definitely under-appreciated. The reading room is a change of scene from the libraries on university campus, whilst still providing intellectual surroundings. A lot of us need a library to focus, so why not branch out?

North Tea Power, Tib Street

Surely not another cafe in the Northern Quarter?! ┬áThis is the last one, promise. This cute cafe serves handcrafted coffee and loose-leaf teas, along with brilliant revision snacks (for those all too frequent breaks). With communal benches for group work and solo revision spots there’s a space for everyone.

Lenegan Library, Martin Harris Centre, UoM

Not really a great study space but yes, the Drama and Music departments actually do have a library. I know, shocking. Go to the basement of the Martin Harris Centre to find out more.

Stopford Building Library, UoM

Not half as busy as the main libraries on campus, the third floor of the Stopford building has huge study rooms available to book out, as well as individual study spaces and computers. If you can’t seem to find a seat anywhere else, this is a safe bet.