A Gravy Bar is about to land in Manchester

Just. Pure. Gravy.

The most northernest northern thing is about to hit the Northern Quarter. A gravy bar.

Simply named ‘Gravy Bar’ and described as a “deluxe cuisinery”, all we know is that it’s set to launch in early 2017. It’s nearly April so we can’t be waiting that much longer right?!

Their location is top secret – even Love Levenshulme isn’t allowed to know – but they are frantically busy getting the place ready for their (again) secret opening date.

In fact, Gravy Bar MCR is such a tease that we can’t even explore the menu yet, telling us to check Twitter for further announcements. Will it be jugs of pure Bistro with fancy straws or hot thick brown stuff poured on cheesy chips? Their Twitter mentions Yorkshire puddings and onions so we’re thinking roast dinners might even be involved? One thing’s for sure, this is sure to prove popular with students and locals alike so keep your eyes peeled for further updates on their Twitter @gravybarmcr.


Assemble northerners! Time to get on that gravy train.