There has been a car chase ending in a crash on Lower Broughton Road

An arrest was made and someone taken to hospital

A car chase in Salford this evening has ended in a crash, with one person being taken to hospital and another arrested.

A police chase of a black car which allegedly struck three others, two moving and one stationary.

It has been reported that one person was taken away in an ambulance but not seriously injured and one person was arrested.

The reason for their arrest is unknown at this time.

Laura, second year Wildlife Conservation and Zoo Biology student at Salford uni, was present at the scene. She told The Tab Manchester, “We were smoking in our back garden (about 50 yards from the main road) and heard sirens, then a several huge crash noises.

“We ran out to the street, which took about 30 seconds. By the time we were out there we saw someone in cuffs bent over a bonnet by the police, car bits everywhere. We were so worried someone was seriously injured! Luckily it was clear quite quickly everyone was okay, quite a few involved in serious shock. Quite scary to happen right outside your front door!”

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