Greggs announced they will now do home delivery in Manchester

Hold onto your sausage rolls

This is not a drill. Greggs have just announced that they will be doing home delivery in Manchester.

Imagine it. You’re hungover, all you want is a steak bake but you can’t be bothered to trek to Greggs. Well now that gloriousness can be delivered to your door.

all this could be yours

all this could be yours

However it isn’t all as sweet as those frosted buns suggest. There will have to a minimum spend of £25. So at 80p a sausage roll, you are looking at buying at least 32 of those bad boys for delivery to even be an option.

this could be you us, but you set the minimum delivery too high

this could be us, but you set the minimum delivery too high

A spokesperson for Greggs told the MEN that the delivery service was actually created with the aim of attracting hungry workers. What the world doesn’t revolve around students? How ridiculous.

This move is clearly a result of the success of mobile food options, and Greggs want to stay on top of that trend. Such as Gregg’s retail director Raymond Reynolds told the MEN that ‘convenience was key to the company’s food-on-the-go market and the firm was very excited to trial the delivery service’.

Going on to add ‘’We will be increasing the number of trail shops in the weeks ahead and will share more information on this as it becomes available.’’

The date of the launch is yet to be confirmed, but don’t worry if you want more information about how to get your chicken bake fix at home you can visit