What will you be doing differently in Manchester next term?

New year new you, hey

That time of year has rolled around again.

It’s time to say fare well to Fallowfield for a month and head back home. It’s been a long term, but what have you learnt from it? What will you be doing differently next time? Will you pledge to always make your 9am’s or just less nights out in Koh Tao?

We asked your what your semester resolutions are going to be.

Isabella, third year, Law

“I’m going to stop living in the library.”

Ally Routledge, second year, Politics and Modern History and Joel Smith, Activities and Development Officer

“Labour students and young greens pledge to get along.’’

Lily Fothurgill, second year, Politics and Anthropology and Alice Henry, second year, Politics and International Relations

Lily: “More Dinner Parties and not as many distractions”

Alice: “See more of Manchester, go on a bike ride, walks in the snow and spend less, while making more.”

Barney, second year, Chemical Engineering

” To actually go to lectures and pay attention in them. And don’t go to Fifth as much.”

Chloe, third year, History and Politics

“I am going to live in the library.”

Ellie Mole, second year, Pharmacology

“Nothing. I’m perfect.”

Isabella Read, second year, Geography

“I’m going to limit myself to one nap per day.”

Lydia Gillibrand, second year, Geography

“Next year I’m going to stop doing everyone else’s washing-up all the time.”