We used a purity tester on Fallowfield MDMA and it wasn’t even MDMA

It’s actually methylone, a chilled-out version of md

We tested some of Fallowfield’s finest MDMA to see if the stuff is as pure as our parents think we are, and it isn’t what it says on the baggy.

Within seconds the MDMA sample turned yellow indicating the drug is in fact methylone, butylone or naphyrone. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it?

The marquis drugs test works by putting a small amount of the powder into a miniature test tube, which contains a chemical reagent absorbed in a silica gel.

Once shaken, the liquid in the tube will change colour according to the chemical make up of the drug.

The test can detect drugs such MDMA, methamphetamine, DXM, DOB and methylone.

So what exactly is this mystery drug  we’ve been bombing since September?

According to MDMA.net, Methylone (also known was bk-MDMA or m1) is an ecstasy-like substance that is a central nervous system stimulant, first appearing on the market as a legal-high.

We found lots of MDMA vs Methylone discussions online and it turns out we might actually be on to a winner.

A discussion on drugs-forum suggests Methylone works by enhancing your serotonin levels, giving “a similar feeling to cocaine with some empathy”. It lists some of its positive side effects as “emotional bonding with others, euphoria and increased musical appreciation”.

Many of the wide-eyed reviewers online even said they preferred the effects of methylone to MDMA as it was more “chilled vibes” and they didn’t get such a bad come down the next day.

According to people’s Methylone experiences online “there’s almost no tolerance build” unlike MDMA, which could prove to save us all a few pennies.

However it also says the side effects of “jaw tension, increased perspiration, loss of appetite and a total kill of one’s whole mouth” unfortunately remain the same.

Methylone.com also introduces us to “methylone brain”, the state of mind where you cannot remember what you where just talking about, or wanting to say something while someone else talks and then forget about it when its your turn.

Almost every site we looked at said that BK-MDMA seems to be more addictive than MDMA and there is more tendency to re-dose, so take care not to get too trigger happy with your house key.

Our sources also tell us that Methylone should be going for about £20 a gram, about a tenner less than what most of us are shelling out for our beloved md. This is because methylone is much more available online as it is still legal in various countries including New Zealand and the Netherlands.