Meet Big Desk Beth: Her life is being ruined by furniture too huge for her room

She just wants her life back

After a comfortable two years of standard uni life, this small town girl’s life has been turned upside down in a big way.

Meet Big Desk Beth – the new Small Desk Pete. After starting the year deskless she was left pondering many questions about how her life could progress. How will she pass her exams? How will she meet the man of her dreams? Will she every truly find happiness?

Then it appeared, in the form of a neat flat packed box, the desk of dreams – unknowingly about to shake things up.

Netflix and chill?

At first it was great – she was spoilt for space.

But it came with it’s downfalls: “I can no longer get changed in my room. I must make the treacherous 60 second journey to the bathroom not once, but twice a day. It’s really hard.”

Dangerous journeys to the bathroom (pit-stop at the storage department)

Really puts things into perspective

With no room for activities, or even other furniture, Beth has been restricted to living a simple, work based life.  “I just sit in my big chair at my big desk and think up big plans for the future.”

Big Desk Beth has come to us exclusively to teach us all that you don’t always get what you wish for.

Beth, what’s a day in the life of you like?

I don’t know where to begin. From the moment I wake up I’m hit with the eye-sore that is my desk. I lay there, just thinking of the struggle of performing my everyday routines. Why me?

Will she ever reach her clothes?

How do you deal with the struggle? How has your life changed? 

I cry a little, I can’t deny that. But hey ho, life goes on, and so must I. My main source of heartbreak is my hula-hooping restrictions. I’m a keen hooper myself and now I’m forced to practice in the living room, the park, even uni. I get ridiculed.

Have you spoken to anyone about your struggles, your landlord perhaps?

I have, but I can’t help feel ungrateful. You’ve all heard Small Desk Pete’s tragic story, I’ve got his dream. I’ve spoken to friends and family, they tell me to make the best of a bad situation.

Thinkin’ about that space outside

Room for one more?

And you definitely have turned this situation upside down, do you feel proud?

My parents are so proud, they can’t wait to see where my adventures will take me, but deep inside I’m down. Those everyday moments have been stolen from me, I’m not a normal girl anymore. I just have to live with that I guess.

Beth is now thinking of developing her cumbersome desk into a lucrative business, renting it out to film crews and turning it into a bunk-bed desk combo fit for the Ali G.

Big Desk Beth sits the iron throne

That’s 31.4 per cent the size of an apartment in Hong Kong