Police investigate reported rape next to Man Met campus

There have been no arrests made yet

An 18-year-old woman is reported to have been raped by two men in the early hours of this morning in the Lower Ormond Street area.

A large-scale Police investigation has been launched, with forensics teams being deployed to the area believed to have been the scene of the attack.

Police have cordoned off the area

In addition to the area around the library being searched, the area around St Augustine’s Catholic Church is also being investigated, with Rev David Lannon of the church telling MEN: “It is very sad this has happened and hope she recovers without being too traumatised.”

Specialist police teams visited the victim at 5:30am after the reported incident.

Lower Ormond Street, where the incident is thought to have taken place

Although students are shocked at the proximity of this attack to uni, huge levels have been affected by the frequency of these kinds of incidents.

Criminology student Lizzie said: “The fact that I’m not even surprised when another girl is raped really says something! It’s crazy.”

Third year History and Politics student Helena also said: “How many more girls have to be raped before they prioritise it over shutting down house parties?”