Police warning after six students hospitalised after taking black pills

It happened on a night out in Lancaster

Four female and two male students reportedly took black tablets during a night out.

They suffered serious adverse reactions and were all rushed to hospital. Police have stated the tablets were in the shape of a shield and had some sort of crest or logo embossed on them.

Staff at the Sugarhouse Nightclub in Lancaster called the police at 3am yesterday after the six students were admitted to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

Police chiefs have now issued a region-wide alert, saying anyone taking any sort of drug is risking their life.

Detective Sergeant James Edmonds said: “I would urge anyone to refrain from taking these tablets or indeed any sort of drug because the message is clear – you don’t know what you’re taking and the risk you are putting on your health could be devastating.

“I want to reassure the public that we are trying to identify the source of the tablets.

“We are urging anybody in possession of similar tablets to hand them into us to prevent anyone else from falling ill and to enable us to test the substance.”

Third year, Penny said: “It’s frightening how frequently this happens to unsuspecting students.”

Another third year, Teo said: “People should think about what they take, and make sure they know what it’s going to do to them before taking anything.”

Five of the students have been discharged but one remains in hospital for observations.