Meet the guys playing in tonight’s Varsity match

‘Chesters should be a national heritage site’

Ahead of the most anticipated match of the year, we caught up with the rugby team to ask them a few questions so you can get to know them a bit better, and get hyped for this Friday’s game… and the after party at Tiger Tiger.

Jos Edwards (second year History)

Those arms



Fave drink?

Milk, but not too much of it. As a teetotaler that’s all I’ve been drinking with the boys

Fave night out?

42s, you just can’t beat those indie classics.

Will Carter (fourth year Physics Masters)

Lucky lucky girl



If you could date a team member, who and why?

Henry Wooles, I’d like to be the best looking in the relationship.

Where would you go on a first date?

Chicken King, where dreams really do come true

Harry Wakefield (2nd Year Economics)

Dat ass



Fave takeaway?

Couldn’t answer, that’s like asking a parent who their favourite child is.

Do you have Tinder?

No, I’m an old fashioned chap- I choose postcards over pickup lines.

Will Simmonds (third year Modern History with Economics)

(He’s on the right)


Utility Back.

Fave drink?

A pint of lager… obviously.

Fave night out?

I just go to the nights my cool housemate, Bruno says are the best. I went to the Lord of the Tings once, that’s cool isn’t it?

Alfie Dudman Jones (2nd Year Geography)




If you could date a team member who would it be?

Jos Edwards, he doesn’t drink so would be perfect for a  cheap date.

Fave place for a night out?

Koosdays, where it all began.

James Carding (third Year Psychology)

Happy chappy


Fly half/ Centre.

Fave place for a night out?


Who would date on your team and why?

It’s a hard one, but I feel mine and Simmonds’ connection on pitch could and should be taken to pastures new off the pitch.

Hanoba Etomi (second year Law)

Someone didn’t skip legs day



Fave takeaway?

Domino’s right opposite OP. Nice pepperoni pizza after an eventful 256 Wednesday.

First date to take a girl?

Cheeky Nando’s.

Harry Blaiklock (third Year Modern History with Economics)

He loves the red salt


Back row.

Are you on Tinder?

No, I’m not allowed.

Fave takeaway?

Chesters, should be a national heritage site.

Josh Barton (third Year Geography)

He likes a good time



Fave night out?

South or Mint Lounge.

If you had to date a player?

Definately Simmo, he has exceptional legs.