How to fit in at Factory

Someone called it ‘edgy’

With freshers’ coming to an end, you’ll have been to a variety of bars and clubs – Deansgate Locks, Sankeys, 256 or Joshua Brooks.  By the end of the week, flyers litter your room and you’ve came to the sobering conclusion that most nights are disappointing and spenny.

But there is one place that never disappoints. So shit it’s good, and with music to please every house kid and indie wannabe: it’s Factory.

Everyone’s visited it at least once. You know the type, rolling off the magic bus, steaming drunk and ready for a night of tonsil tennis with the nearest 7/10. But were you dressed right? Girls, did you really wear heels? And guys, did you honestly think you’d look fly in that parka? To help you dress on point for a successful night out at Factory, we spoke to regulars, bar staff and bouncers to describe acceptable factory attire in three words.

‘Glam, black, denim”- Brooke, 3rd year Fashion Buying

All you need to create this look is Mac lipstick, a crop top, denim jacket and some high-waisted black skinnnies – ripped at the knee for extra street cred. Optional extras include a fierce pout and over 200 Instagram followers.

‘Not very smart’ – Paul, Bouncer at Factory

“The last time I pulled Gordon Brown was PM”

Although this look works well enough if you’ve just rolled up from Ali G after a late night study session, it will leave you with little hope of finding a shag.

‘Not overly dressy’ – Hollie, 2nd year Economics

Should have gone to Deansgate girls

Much better

Ditch the stiletto’s, smudge that eyeliner and scruff up your immaculate locks. Grab your Adidas superstars and a loud pattern to rival OP’s curtains. Extra points for clashing with the squad.

‘Tropical, sports-shoes, Tom Lynch’ – Sam, 2nd year Engineering

The infamous Tom ‘Tom Lynch’ Lynch (left)

To protect your top lad image your best bet is to throw on a tropical tee and your finest Nike Airs. This classic look will surely set you apart and have you running out of Durex in no time. Bandana optional.

‘Casual, edgy, loud’ – Betsy, 2nd year International Fashion Promotion

Joseph’s technicolour dreamcoat has nothing on this guy’s jumper

The house monkeys go-to-outfit; think ugly chic. The more outrageous the pattern the better. If you’re out at Factory but secretly wish you were at Antwerp this look is probably for you.

‘Smart, casual, dark clothing’ – George, Bartender at Factory

Act natural

You can’t go wrong with the dark casual look. The shirt over t-shirt is a winner too with an 85% pulling success rate. Warning: may leave you a sweaty mess, but at least you’ll fit in.

‘Tasteful yet shameless’ – Ben, 2nd year German and Business Management

If you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends

Maybe forget the tasteful on this one. Think skimpy clothes and a decent amount of flesh on show at all times. If you want to make a statement, channel the 90s with vibesy sportswear – the more you look like you’re going to a fancy dress party the better.