What did you do this summer?

‘Don’t get chlamydia’


Summer is over and being in Manchester, it’s likely that none of us will see the sunshine until next June. Naturally, it’s time to start thinking about next summer’s holiday destinations (big up Malia 2k16) so we asked you to give us your “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of travelling.

Ellie, second year, Politics and International Relations

DO: “TAKE FLIP FLOPS! Preferably in black and gold.”

DON’T: “I’ve never actually been soul searching but if I do, I’d make sure I don’t take my whole makeup case”

Anna, first year, History

DO: “Always get insurance”

DON’T: “Go off on your own”

Worst part of this Summer: “My tent flooding at Secret Garden Party”

Best part of this Summer: “Having no responsibilities whatsoever”

Olivia, first year, History

DO: “Bring lots of money, just loads and loads”

DON’T: “Put yourself into dangerous situations, and just try to stay safe”

Worst part of this Summer: “Having no job and so not having money.”

Best part of this Summer: “I went to Ibiza with my mates and it was sick.”

Kirstin, first year, Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology

DO: “Spend money on activities, I went shark cage-diving in New Zealand which was expensive but so worth it.”

DON’T: “Never stay at the Asylum Hostel in Australia. It was the cheapest place we could find, and I think the name says it all.”

Worst part of this Summer: “Working at a restaurant as a waitress which was horrible.”

Best part of this Summer: “Going to Amsterdam with my friends.”


DO: ” Go with really good friends. If you end up with people you don’t like very much then there will definitely be arguments”

DON’T: “Bring your electric toothbrush. Go basic. I couldn’t use mine whatsoever which was a real obstacle.”

Worst part of this Summer: “I didn’t have a worst part. My summer rocked”

Best part of this Summer: “Going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival”

Bozhidar, first year, Business Management and German

DO: “Be organised, always make sure you plan ahead.”

DON’T: “Be nervous or shy, always make sure you’re confident with yourself”

Worst part of this Summer: “I missed out on lots of parties back in Bulgaria because I had to come to England early”

Best part of this Summer: “Preparing for University in England, it’s a really big deal”

Ritin, first year, Chemical Engineering

DO: “Visit the sites and make sure you culture yourself. Learn a little bit of the local language and try to make an effort with the locals.”

DON’T: “Stay in hostels. It speaks for itself, they are grim. Apartments are alright though.”

Worst part of this Summer: “The boredom.”

Best part of this Summer: “Meeting lots of new friends.”

George, 3rd Year, Maths

DO: “Say Hi. Always be friendly to people”

DON’T: “Get chlamydia.”

Worst part of this summer: “I missed my friends from Uni loads.”

Best part of this summer: “Glastonbury and Bestival were definitely highlights, as well as a few other festivals.”

Will, third year, Ancient History and Archaeology

DO: “Plan ahead of your travels. Make sure you’re prepared and budget.”

DON’T: ” Go too far off the beaten track. I’m speaking from experience because I’ve actually gone travelling.”

Worst part of this Summer: ” Having to get a job at Wetherspoons because I ran out of money.”

Best part of this Summer: “Having my first ever graphic design commissioned. It’s for the Baa Baa freshers t-shirts.”

Charlie, second year, Biology

DO: “Try and socialise with people in the hostel as much as you can.”

DON’T: “Lose your friends. I ended up having to pay a lot of money for a taxi home in Prague because I lost everyone.”

Worst part of this Summer: “Saying goodbye to my old flatmates who live in Brazil.”

Best part of this Summer: “Inter-railing with friends.”