Indian Summer on its way to Manchester this week

It will be raining again by freshers’

After one of the coldest Augusts since the 80’s summer sun is coming to Manchester, but it wont last for long. 

Temperatures are set to rise to 21 degrees in Manchester

Forecasters predict that an Indian Summer is on its way with temperatures set to hit 24 degrees in places across the UK. Manchester is expected to reach 21 degrees by Thursday.

Of the return to typically mid-summer weather, second year Holly said: “It’s about time. I’m moving back to Manchester later this week and it’ll be great to return to a bit of sun.”

Experts say the weather won’t last for long

The north enjoyed a brief heatwave in June where temperatures reached the dizzy heights of 28 degrees but this came to an abrupt end with the arrival of thunderstorms, a theme that’s about to repeat itself.

The Met Office report long sunny periods until the weekend but by next week the weather is set to return the rain and grey conditions for which Manchester is famous. Well we couldn’t have freshers thinking it was pleasant now, could we?