Is this Manchester’s coolest lecturer?

The Manchester graduate has 300,000 followers

Victoria Magrath is the Manchester PhD graduate and fashion lecturer turned blogger extraordinaire. She tells us about everything from studying in Manchester to her fashion faux-pas. 

Over the past two years, the Wigan native’s blog, Instagram account, and YouTube channel, inthefrow, have gained over 300,000 followers. Her Manchester origins and signature violet tresses only make her that much cooler.

Like most bloggers Victoria started after being inspired by the blogs and YouTube channels she followed online, wanting to put her stamp on the industry.

She had no idea of the impact inthefrow would have, yet admits that success didn’t come easily: “I really did work ridiculously hard to build my blog and channels to what they are now, and I believe that readers and followers recognize that hard work.”

Victoria’s relaxed yet undeniably polished style comes from a mix of high street and luxury brands and she describes it as being as eclectic as her taste in music. Pairing designer heels and a Fendi handbag with boyfriend fit jeans and a plain white tee creates an effortlessly chic look.

But her style wasn’t always this put together. During her days as a Manchester student, she gained great inspiration from her part-time job at women’s sport and lifestyle brand, Roxy.

She admits that she may have taken the surfer girl aesthetic too far, but unfortunately had no evidence of her former glory days to offer us.

“I remember wearing a thick multicoloured Roxy après ski cotton jacket, with jeans and a pair of calf length tanned heeled boots.”

Nowadays Victoria’s style is influenced by much more sophisticated sources. She counts her fellow bloggers as a major inspiration, alongside her favourite celebrities – the Olsen twins and Victoria Beckham: “They always look so pulled together, although they’re running huge businesses in the background.

“They’re a huge inspiration”

With all her successes have come some major perks including being able to travel all over the world.

She considers travelling to be one of the most incredible parts of her career as a professional blogger and her adventures in North America have certainly been a highlight.

“The big cities in America are incredible, but nothing beats standing in front of an enormous natural structure or terrain, like the Grand Canyon, the Arches in Arches National Park or the geysers in Yellowstone.

“They’re mind-blowing!”

Victoria’s blogging successes have resulted in a move to London for the former Manchester student and lecturer, where she now lives with her boyfriend.

However, even the nation’s capital can’t compare to a night out in Manchester: “The prices tag for drinks in London are pretty silly. I could go out in Manchester on £20 and have an awesome night out.

“I do miss that about my move down south.”

Yet the move has enabled her to focus more on inthefrow and the direction of her career. She hopes that her audience will continue to grow and that followers stay interested in her contributions, but her goals stretch further than her online presence.

She hopes to one day “collaborate with a huge designer fashion brand and create something amazing”.

When we asked what Victoria’s advice would be for aspiring bloggers she said that doing it as hobby is an amazing start.

For those wanting to potentially turn it into a career, “be sure that you have the time and patience to put into it, as it really does take a lot to nurture a blog in such a saturated market.

“Work hard, be totally unique and create something that people would love to read!”

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