Uni spent £60k on lavish staff Christmas parties in one year alone

And guess who’s footing the bill

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Uni bigwigs spent more than £60,000 on swanky parties for staff in the last academic year.

The Tab can also exclusively reveal that top brass splurged a further £679 on Christmas trees and decorations.

The Morning after the night before

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The extravagant spending comes to light in the wake of recent embarrassing revelations about university bosses’ use of money.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell claimed a whopping £22,000 on flights expenses in 2013/14. More than half of the sum went on business class seats.

This is despite her earning a salary of £291,000 last year. A wage she defended in an interview, when she said: “I’m paid less than the average”.

One disgruntled first year confronted with the eye watering sums said it was, “Nice to know they’re making good use of our tuition”.

A second year Economics student agreed: “I think it’s shocking that they are spending that much.

“That money should go to something that can benefit everyone.”

How much did this Christmas Tree cost?

However, she felt that the £679 spent on Christmas decorations was justified.

“I think it’s alright actually. I think it’s nice with Christmas decorations”.

The University did not respond The Tab’s requests for comment.