Hungry Braemar Road burglar stole EASTER EGGS from second year while housemates slept

Death toll: One Lindt bunny

A Braemar Road resident was left horrified on Friday morning when her house was burgled as her housemates slept.

Iona Walker returned home to find heartless thieves had stolen her laptop, £2.35 from the house kitty – and several unopened Easter eggs.

After being alerted by the house behind them that they had also had a break in, with a PS4 and multiple laptops being stolen, Iona rushed back home to assess the damage.

“I had been staying over at my boyfriends house, and my housemates had got back home early from a night at Factory, after our friend had gotten a bit too drunk.”

It is thought that the thief struck between 3am and 5.30am, with no one in the six bed house hearing the window in Iona’s bedroom being broken into.

It wasn’t until after the police had been and gone that the Anthropology student realised the true nature of the heinous crime.

“I had been saving a giant Wispa egg, Lindt bunny and several chocolate bars as a treat for during my exams.

“My room had been trashed, the thieves had eaten all of them, except one Wispa bar, and left the remnants strewn across my floor.

“They had also taken £2.35 in 5p coins from our house kitty.”

It is thought the burglar used a chisel to crack the window, rather than it being smashed, perhaps explaining the lack of witnesses.

“They must have been very small, the gap in the window was tiny. I just can’t believe someone could be so mean to eat my chocolate and leave one bar behind to just taunt me.”

Iona told The Tab: “We’d planned to have a house party, which we’re still going ahead with. However, we’ve asked guests to bring some chocolate with them.

“We’re trying to see the funny side.”

Along with the chocolate, Iona’s laptop had also been stolen, but its clear whats more important. Not gonna get your choc back on insurance hun.