Manchester’s getting a Hot Tub Cinema

Think of all the greasy men


A hot tub cinema will be opening in Manchester this summer.

Film fans will be able to kick back and splash around in the tubs at Salford’s Islington Mill in June.

The Hot Tub Cinema will be showing absolute classics like The Lion King, Dirty Dancing, and appropriately, Hot Tub Time Machine.

Salford’s Islington Mill will be the temporary home of the Hot Tub Cinema in June, a company which before has only been to New York, London and Ibiza.

The company will bring 20 hot tubs for you to bathe in.

It’s probably not recommended to try the Dirty Dancing lake scene in a hot tub though, can’t imagine it ending well.

So if sharing a hot tub with some old chubby men while watching a Disney film is your kinda thing, here’s your chance.