What are you going to do when you graduate?

Apart from cry

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Adulthood has creeped up on us and we are not ready for it. As you leave home for what is potentially the first time, and unpack in some dingy student accommodation, you can’t quite believe that you’ll be spending three long years living here. Then, sooner than you could ever imagine, lecturers are talking about dissertations and graduate jobs.

Can’t we stay in this “uni bubble” mid-point, sort of having part-time jobs, renting houses and managing our own finances (on takeaways and nights out albeit), without having real responsibilities like careers, mortgages and actual weekly food shops? It’s not fair that we can’t be students forever and here are a bunch of people who agree.

Viktor Matyas, Second Year, Physics with Theoretical Physics.

“After third year I’m going to continue my studies with a PhD and then go into research. I’ve still got two years left of uni and after that I probably still won’t leave because I’ll be working at a university. It’s an easy profession in the sense that I won’t have to get out of the uni lifestyle hopefully…”

Philip Roebuck, Second Year, Biology.

“I’ll probably either become a dole dosser or go back to working at McDonalds after uni. I dunno, I’m not ready to grow up at all. I want to be a child forever.”

Ariane Goes, Second Year,

Material Science and Engineering.

“I think I’ll do something based in my field when I graduate. I don’t like how soon we’ll be leaving uni, I’m pretty nervous about it. University should be longer and more informative about real life.”

Daniel Beaujangles, First Year, Environmental Science.

“I don’t bloody know what I’m going to do when I finish uni. I am a mixture of scared and terrified. Really, I just hope I’ll find a job before mum and dad get mad at me.”

Elliot Bland, Third Year, Biology.



“No idea what I’ll do when I leave this year; probably fuck about a bit or go on the dole or something.”

Osian Williams, Second Year, Medicine.

“At the end of my final year I’ll probably piss around or try and stay in uni for longer. I’m well sad, like depressed about it. I’m not very happy at all that we have to leave uni and I want that in BIG letters. People I know are applying for jobs and stuff now, what the fuck?”

Kirti Patel, First Year, Mathematics and Finance.

“When I finish uni I’ll either be a maths teacher or an accountant. I don’t really know to be honest with you. I don’t really want to leave uni but at the same time I can’t wait to leave. I love being able to sit around doing nothing and you can’t do that when uni ends.”

Seif Nassir-Ali, Second Year, Economics and Finance.

“I can’t wait to leave uni. After my degree I’m just going to try and earn enough money to move to Kenya and open up a chicken farm.”

Sarah Lay, Second Year, Biomaterial Science and Tissue Engineering. 

“I’m going to open up a cupcake factory. No, I’m very excited to leave university and hope to start a career where I get to work at my very own swivel chair. All my lecturers have swivel chairs in their offices and they are my biggest inspiration. It’s either that or starting up an ant farm I think. ”

Joseph Heys, Second Year, History and Politics.

“After uni I’m torn between entering into politics and putting loads of work into a master’s degree or just doing a Walter White and cooking meth in a caravan in the Yorkshire Dales. As long as I can afford new shoes I’ll be happy either way.”