Summer’s here: North Campus Style

Sun’s out guns out

As Manchester heats up, students strip down, with any excuse to show a bit of flesh.

Here are some of the most stylish students we found on North Campus…

Nila, History, 1st year 

“I wear whatever takes me 10 minutes to put on.”

James, Engineering, 1st year 

“Late for uni vibe, what I wore last night kind of thing.”

Emily, Physics, Foundation year

Lotte, Fashion Marketing & Management, 4th year

“I’d say my style is very relaxed, I tend to just chuck on whatever I feel like.”

Guhan, Fashion Buying & Merchandising, 1st year

“I like colourful, vibrant clothes and anything close to the colour green.”

Scarlett, Fashion Retailing, 3rd year

“How I dress is completely weather dependent.”

Jess, Nursing, 1st year

Kristina, Fashion Retailing, 4th year

“I don’t tend to follow trends, I just buy a mixture of things from high street and vintage shops.”