Manchester club style: Rehoused

Fallowfield’s all new ‘revamped’ basement night

Only a couple of quid to get in and a stone’s throw from your house, Koh Tao’s new house night launched this weekend, and was a big one.

Party goers swapped their own basements for the new decked out club alternative, and came dressed to impress. Here are a few highlights..

Kitty, 2nd year Geography, proving dungarees can never be ruled out

Daisy, 2nd year Psychology, combining black and pale denim perfectly

Meeting only for this photo, these girls smashed their looks with bold prints and sheer crops

Megan, edgier than Egerton, winning most vibrant shorts award

Can never go wrong with a colourful crop and high waisted jeans

Kim, 2nd year Textiles and Business BSc in the middle, going classic in off the shoulder stripes

Kathryn, rocking monochrome in a black lace crop and white skirt

Couple Kitty and Josh keeping it simple and stylish together