Baa Bar closes and nobody cares

‘Did anyone even go there?!’

Fallowfield bar, Baa Bar, closed late last month without anyone batting an eye lid.

On Saturday the 24th of January, the Wilmslow road Bar closed its doors for the last time.

The bar was famed for its cheap drinks and shots, strange light walls and locals.

A lot of people didn’t even realise the bar had shut. First year Lucy Mullan couldn’t care less: “I didn’t even notice it closed, shows how bad it really was!”

Third year PPE student Hani Legris was equally unsurprised about the bars closing : “Bar Bar? What the fuck is Baa bar? Did anyone even go there?!”

Smug second year, Callum, couldn’t be happier to wave fare-well to the bar: “It’s no surprise to me. I’ve been in there twice and there were no other students in sight.

“The locals in there were always very creepy, particularly to my female friends. It’s probably for the best that it’s gone.”

The famous “shooters”

Not everybody was so blaze blasé about the bars disappearance, first year Baa Bar fanatic Yasmin Worsely was gutted to hear the news: “Oh no! I just got a load of vouchers for drinks there!”

The morning after their big send-off, the Bar posted on Facebook: “Sadly Baa Bar Fallowfield closed its doors for the final time last night.

“Thanks to all our valued customers for your continued loyalty. We hope to see you in one of our other locations soon.”