Manchester house parties are so legendary they are going to be debated in Parliament

It was supposed to be a quiet one

A spate of classic house parties in Fallowfield has forced one enraged MP to open a debate about them in Parliament. 

Over the last month seething locals have been complaining about some of “the worst student parties they have ever experienced”.

Now party pooper MP John Leech is taking the issue to the House of Commons – and he wants 24 hour complaint hotlines for nosy residents.

No no, it’s a GATHERING

First angry Amherst neighbours were so up in arms over student socialising, they filmed them out on the streets in the early hours of the morning.

Next the tensions between police and students flared up when two people were arrested on Amherst Road for refusing to leave a party of over 400 people.

One weekend, a whole seven parties were shut down by the police, even after they posted warning letters unruly behaviour.

And no one can forget that time we made national news last summer because of that party where the floor collapsed.

Now South Manchester MP John Leech has secured a discussion about “out of control” student parties and he wants a 24 hours complaint hotline for angry residents.

The floor literally just gave up

Just one drink, they said

Lib Dem MP Mr Leech said: “It is really important that mixed communities in south Manchester live together in a safe, sustainable way, abiding by the same sets of rules.

“That means the police need the power to close down a party, whether it is a student party or not, if it is getting out of hand.

“I also think this is not just the police’s problem.”

“The council can take action too. A 24 hour hotline would allow quick action rather than action days or weeks later.”

Party party


Two rebellious students were arrested on Amherst just weeks ago

One second year told The Tab: “I’d rather police patrolled to keep an eye on everyone’s welfare.

“Maybe next time if I’m being attacked I’ll make sure to put some loud music on so they’ll actually notice.”

One student however, doubts if this will make things any better for residents. He said: “If anything I’d say it’s going to encourage them more.

People having quiet ones won’t have them because they’re not worth it, but the big ones will have to bigger and better if there’s the threat it’ll be a one-off.”