ASOS forced to remove ‘offensive’ mental illness pillow after Manchester students complain

It said “I have an anxiety disorder”

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ASOS have been forced to remove an offensive pillow from their website –  after furious Manchester students complained about it on Twitter. 

Cheesed off students moaned that the red cushion, which had “I can’t keep calm and carry on because I have an anxiety disorder” written across it, has “turned someone’s daily struggle into a source of profit.”

Now, the fashion brand has been forced to apologise profusely for the cock-up – and completely remove the item from their site.

A final year Linguistics student was raging when she came across the product this morning. She said: ” My mouth hit the ground when I saw it. Who do they think they are?! It’s just disgusting. As if anyone would actually buy it?!”

Final year Paige Tully was equally miffed. On Twitter, she said: “ASOS, what are you thinking…? How delightfully #offensive #wankers ”

She told us that: ” I understand that they’re trying to make the issue more light hearted- but it’s not a joke for people who actually suffer from anxiety”


A third year Art History student who suffers from mental health issues herself was incensed: “Depression and anxiety are serious issues and the insensitivity that ASOS is promoting and cashing in on has really fucked me off. Mental illness is not a joke.”

Natalie Herne was even more miffed at the companies insensitive move: “Don’t glamorize a disability, especially one that effects a persons life so thoroughly and can be debilitating.

“Don’t turn someone’s daily struggle into a source of profit. It’s just disgusting”

Twitter has been buzzing all day with angry comments from narked off tweeters, with comments such as: “is this for fuckin real” and “really disappointing”.

ASOS took the offending item off their website immediately after the negative responses and apologised to customers like Paige over Twitter, saying:

“We’ve taken this seriously- sorry the item has offended you. Thanks for bringing this to our attention- it’s been removed. ”