Colin Firth and Jude Law spotted in Northern Quarter

Look at these two handsome men in the Manchester rain

Colin Firth and Jude Law have been spotted filming in rain in the Northern Quarter. 

Onlookers caught Colin Firth sheltering beneath a golf umbrella between takes.

The actor is playing publisher Max Perkins, alongside Sherlock Holmes’ Jude Law as Thomas Clayton Wolfe.

New film Genius, rescued Manchester’s lost reputation as the rainiest city, as the celebs became soaked during filming. Unfortunately, the rain had to be faked for some of Law’s screentime.

Currently, two other stars of the film, Nicole Kidman and Dominic West, have not been found in the city. Firth and Law, however, appeared to be valiantly battling Manchester’s signature weather as they ran past old fashioned washing lines and laundry signs.

The duo were spotted filming on Dale Street, in the Northern Quarter, which doubled to look like 1920s New York. This is the second time the street has been transformed into an early version of the city, having appeared in Marvel’s Captain America.

Filming in Manchester will continue until the end of this week. So far the locations include King Street, Dale Street, Mangle Street, Brazil Street and Harter Street.

A Facebook video captured the crew preparing Harter Street.

Genius is filming around the UK ready for a 2016 release.