Chem Eng cock-up: students and luggage go missing during Glasgow trip

Strathclyde uni messes up annual sports trip

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A group of Manchester chemical engineering students were left abandoned in Glasgow last week, after an organised night out went horribly wrong. 

About 150 guys and girls from UoM ventured north of the border on Tuesday to take part in the annual Frank Morton sports competition for UK Chem Eng students.

After a day of intense matches against other unis, Strathclyde reps organised a  night on the town for everyone to numb their aches and pains.

But it all spiralled out of control as the night ended, when a load of Manc students found their bags had somehow gone missing.

Even worse, the buses home didn’t wait for everyone to get on, leaving a small group stranded in Scotland at 2am.

Playing dodgeball before it all went wrong

Steve Cross, one of the Manchester students caught up in the mess, spoke to The Tab about the balls up.

“It was a massive fuck up. The Strathclyde reps took our bags off us and moved them from club to club”, he said.

“There were about 10 people left stranded, and they had to spend £45 each on train tickets back.

“The most annoying thing is that the reps were all pissed. It was so infuriating, so poorly organised”.

And still, there are students who haven’t been reunited with their stuff.

“I got mine back, but people have lost things like ipods, kindles and one guy had a £100 coat”, Steve continued.

“Strathclyde should offer some sort of compensation… a refund on my friends’ train tickets at least would be nice”.

Some of the lucky ones have received their luggage

In a cruel twist of fate, Strathclyde actually won the main sports tournament – like rubbing salt into a wound.