On the loose: Withington pervert strikes five times

Withington groper still roams free after molesting at least five women

A serial pervert has molested at least five young females in the popular student area of Withington.

The attacker strikes near Everett Road, Withington

Between Monday 6 January and Saturday 25 January 2014, the man struck at least five times in the area around Everett Road in Withington.

The victims were pursued and groped by a hooded male of slim build described as between 5ft 5in and 5ft 8in.

In all cases the women were left physically uninjured but deeply upset by their ordeals.

The perv struck women near Everett Road

Police are currently investigating seven reports but fear the man may have attacked far more women.

Police have warned women, in particular joggers, not to go out alone late at night where possible.

Detective Sergeant Doug Cowan said: “The purpose of this appeal is not to alarm people but to alert women of the risks posed to them and to be on their guard.”

The attacks took place in popular student area of Withington

The police are appealing to any witnesses who saw any of the sexual assaults to contact them. They also want to hear from anyone who has seen any men matching the description and acting suspiciously.

If you know who is responsible for these attacks, please contact the police on 101 or on 0161 856 4973.