New life in a Fallow field

New venue Fallow takes over from beloved Trof

Bar Cafe Fallow Fallowfield Trof

The new aptly named Fallow has opened its doors to replace Trof as Fallowfield’s edgiest café.

Trof, one the area’s best loved student hideouts, closed down over the summer, throwing droves of brunch fans into disarray. However, panic was short lived as we gained a replacement and a syllable with the opening of ‘Fallow’ in its place.


Trof in its former glory

The café/stroke bar was owned by the Trof group, aka the people behind Gorilla, the Deaf Institute and Trof NQ, but since taking on the renovation of Albert Hall, the Fallowfield property was sold.


The Tab was assured by Fletch, Fallow’s manager, that the staff and culture would stay the same, with the only obvious differences being improvements to the menu.

This means that American pancakes and burgers are still very much on the cards, but additions such as poached salmon will add a little more variety to the ever healthy student diet.


A hangover classic

Perhaps the biggest change we will see in Fallow is more commitment to live music, with a new d&b system having been installed to provide the best possible sound.

With the only changes being a few positive ones, old regulars need not be alarmed, whilst newcomers to the city won’t regret checking it out.