Train Reck for Presidential candidate: ‘The person he assaulted was me’

‘I no longer wish it to be merely rumour’

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The rumours of Ed Reckless’ union ban have been confirmed as it can now be revealed he didn’t only slap her once, but twice. 

Alexandra, 22, said the unprovoked attack came after she introduced herself through mutual friends. He said the first time was a joke, so she forgave him and tried to shake hands.

Instead of making up, he slapped her again. She said: “It was hard enough for me to know it wasn’t a joke.”

Reckless, who is campaigning to be SU President next year, is currently serving a union ban for the assault which took place on Tuesday 27 January.

Presidential hopeful Ed called the rumours an “embellishment” in Tuesday’s Bubble Debate, which Alexandra said made her “angry”. It turns out that not only did Reckless get kicked out but he sent an apology letter pleading for Alexandra’s forgiveness just days later.

The student, who did not want to reveal her full name, said: “The person he assaulted was me.

“I don’t want this to be a smear campaign, but if he’s going to run for representative he needs to be credible and take accountability for his actions and he did neither when he made those statements.”


When pushed about the letter, Ed simply said: “I have gone through every possible channel, through the union, that allows me to send out my apologies, and I have done.”

Alexandra knew Reckless was a mutual friend and went to introduce herself during the night.

“I remember it really well. We just asked each other what course an all that and in the middle of that he just slapped me round the face. I didn’t know him, it took me by surprise.”

She was extremely shocked but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

She said: “I said OK perhaps we started on the wrong foot, I put my hand out to shake his hand, he stopped midway and slapped me again.”

The slap wasn’t enough to hit Alexandra to the floor but was enough hard enough to “make her wince”.

She said: “It was hard enough for me to know it wasn’t a joke.

“As soon as he slapped me the bouncers rushed him and threw him out. It was obvious the second time it wasn’t a joke.

“Everyone was really shocked. He wouldn’t have been banned if he didn’t do that, so when he said the other day that it was him being clumsy and heavy handed isn’t what happened.”

Credit: LSU Media

Credit: LSU Media

In response to Ed’s claims on Tuesday night that this was an embellishment, she said “It’s disappointing and quite immature.”

In his letter, candidate Ed says he cannot remember the evening and claims he is “ashamed and appalled” at his behaviour.

Alexandra added: “It makes me angry that I accepted his apology.

“When he’s running for being a representative if he’s going to be saying something that’s contradicting his apology I don’t think that’s acceptable.

“Other people said it was out of character, but I don’t know him.”

The victim said she wanted him to be accountable for his actions. Alexandra added: “It’s not a personal vendetta.

“A representative isn’t supposed to be a martyr, everyone makes mistakes, but it wasn’t a provoked attack. That would’ve been different. It’s got nothing to do with if I was a man or whatever, this is about him not taking accountability for something he’s done.

“I accepted his apology, I just don’t accept that he lies about it.

“Who’s to say he won’t do it again? If he’s going to lie about it, it’s an embarrassment to the university.

“There’s no doubt people get blindly drunk, but if you can’t control yourself don’t do it.”

When asked if he had a son called Ed, UKIP defector Mark Reckless MP said: “No, I don’t.”

Reckless sent a grovelling apology letter to Alexandra to make amends:

I am writing to apologise for my behaviour during the Stupid Tuesday night at the union on the 27th January.

I was extremely drunk, far more so than I would have liked and cannot remember the majority of the night. I have been since informed about the events that took place, which resulted in myself hurting you and subsequently being kicked out and I have since been banned.

I cannot apologise enough for my actions, and am ashamed and appalled at my behaviour which I assure you is extremely out of character and will not happen again. I hope that I did not harm you too badly and hope that you are not still injured.

I was hoping I could offer to make it up to you if possible, I understand if you are not interested but please get in touch if you would care to let me make amends for my shocking behaviour and apologise in person, and maybe shed further light on the event.

Once again, my sincerest apologies for my actions and I really do hope that you are okay. I hope to hear back from you to maybe grab a coffee or something for me to apologise to you in person.

Best wishes

Ed Reckless