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Surprise! London students spend more on takeaways each month than any other city

It’s almost as if London is really expensive or something??

London students spend more money on takeaways than any other city, a new study finds.

When it comes to food, students are known for two things: pesto pasta and takeaways. For many, moving away to university and living independently is the first time they have had cook for themselves. When you’ve been in a long day of lectures, the appeal of cooking a meal for yourself goes down significantly and a takeaway is nearly always on the cards.

Whilst all students live on a budget, when you’ve come home from the club at 3am, the idea of a Maccies in bed seems like a fantastic idea, no matter how far into your over draft you are. But it turns out that some cities heavily populated by students are spending more on takeaways each month than others.

A study by retailer SPAR has revealed how much 16-24 year olds in different cities spend on takeaways, and found that young people in London are spending £226 per month on delivery.

Falling just behind London is Leeds in second place where young people are spending £217 monthly, and Edinbrugh in third place with an average of £207. The city that sees students spending the least amount of money of takeaways every month is Newcastle, with an average of just £100. That is more than 50 per cent less than what young people are spending in London.

Brb, moving to Newcastle.

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