Colin vs Cuthbert: 17 Twitter highlights from the caterpillar feud

Personally, I’m team Cuthbert.

M&S recently decided to defend the honour of Colin the Caterpillar by taking Aldi to court over Cuthbert the Caterpillar.

Naturally, the feud between the two chocolate caterpillars has been made 10 times better by the beef on Twitter.

Not much brings students joy during the peak of exam season, so I consider this series of events a real blessing. Here are 17 Twitter highlights from the feud so far:

1. The Netflix documentary

2. Jackie Weaver and the Caterpillar Council meeting

3. Aldi’s #FreeCuthbert campaign

4. M&S’ #OGColin retaliation to Aldi’s #FreeCuthbert campaign

5. The packaging update

6. The Oprah interview

7. The pantheon

8. The courtroom

9. The chaos

10. The political affiliations

11. The friendship feuds

12. The legal panic

13. The who?

14. The passive aggressive tactics

15. The 2000s throwback

16. The nudes

17. The capitalist

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