Coldplay to move back to Ramsay Hall for inspiration

‘When you try your best but you don’t succeed’, return to Ramsay?

Chris Martin and those other guys are returning to their roots this May. Yes, the beautiful cells of Ramsay Hall.

It was announced today that all four members of the band will be staying at Ramsay for a week next month to write their new album.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, Ramsay Hall accommodation is currently closed until September 2021. Library Services opened additional study spaces in Ramsay back in November. Coldplay has jumped on this opportunity and has booked out not only the empty accommodation but also the 103 study rooms and Covid testing center to ensure that their retreat is “Covid-safe”.

Jonny Buckland and Chris Martin met in September 1996 at Ramsay Hall and were later joined by fellow students Guy Berryman and Will Champion, forming the band every Ramsay resident is guarenteed to mention at least daily.

When asked his reasoning behind the decision to return to Ramsay, Chris Martin quoted his hit 2002 song “The Scientist” stating “nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be so hard, I’m going back to the start”.

Since the release of their 2019 album “Everyday Life” the band has been struggling to write new music. They went as far as “removing two band members” to record their 2020 EP “Reimagined”, which is literally just an album of acoustic versions of old songs.

Coldplay last returned to Ramsay Hall nearly four years ago in June 2017. It took a pandemic for Chris to realise where his true home will always be. Sources say, he used to gaze at a picture of Ramsay every night and sing “you don’t know how lovely you are, I have to find you, tell you I need you”.

Second year Coldplay fanatic, Amanda Albien, expressed her excitement at the move stating: “I’m so excited, I’m literally willing to sleep in a hall with rats just to be near my baby Chris”.

Amanda has seen Coldplay in concert a total of five times, incluing their 2019 Natural History Museum gig.

They used to rule the world, or at least the halls of Ramsay, but life right now is no “Viva la Vida” for Coldplay. We must rely on the lights of the BT Tower to guide them home this May.

Lights will guide you home, but by the way you should probably check the date now. 

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