What you’ll wear for Halloween according to your subject

Please trick or treat responsibly.

We're all pretty busy nowadays and thinking of a Halloween costume is damn hard. You'll need to find the time to brainstorm and find ideas, and naturally you'll find this time during lectures. You can run but you can't hide – inevitably, you'll end up channelling your subject. Here's what you're going to wear, you better accept it.

Art & Art History

Does my ear look big in this?

Just dress as one of your art heroes, thinking perhaps Van Gogh or Kahlo – or maybe as one of their iconic paintings. You’re intellectual and your costume has to reflect that culture, taste and sophistication. Or maybe you'll just cover your face in glitter and have a good laugh!

Least likely to: be spotted as a basic witch or eating cheap candy


You are dedicated to your subject, so after you decided that mitochondria wasn’t a viable outfit you’ll go for a hyper-realistic apocalyptic zombie. With the best makeup you’ll definitely get a couple of double takes as people evaluate whether to run for their lives or congratulate you on a job well done.

Most likely to: scare commuters on the walk home


I've got my ion you!

You tend to go for outfits that provoke a… reaction. From Cruella De Vil to a Playboy Playmate you make sure you’ve got the right reagents to get the party going.

Most likely to: Start drama on a night out, then send the receipts to the group chat and see if it is as exothermic as you'd hoped

Classics & Anthropology

Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite.. The choices of Greek Gods are endless. While they make pretty buff costumes, you may decide that life isn’t for you and go with a Disney character like Milo from Atlantis or Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

Most likely: to have a drunken rant about how relevant their subject is to modern life


You’ve been planning this costume for years,and it will probably be from one of the epics – Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, the Matrix, Harry Potter or of course, Studio Ghibli. You'll stay true to the smallest detail on an outfit, because you don't believe in tainting your favourite character like that.

Most likely to: explain the backstory of your costume every 5 minutes


That moment when your outfit reflects what lies inside

Capitalism is your god now, there is no turning back. You’ll take the hint and either go as Di Caprio/an actual wolf from Wolf of Wall Street, or then represent your eternally damned soul in a costume (not difficult).

Most likely to: buy shots at the bar for the squad with that finance money

English Literature

Despite being “too cool” for a store bought outfit, it’s difficult trying to find a balance between a indie costume and something people will actually recognise. After a while, you’ll settle on the titular character of a GCSE English book and down a cheap bottle of wine before heading out to kill that part of your consciousness that is still mad that you didn’t go out as Woolf.

Most likely to: try to get into a club on the merit of your costume


You’ll decide on a group costume early on with a strong British theme, only to find out that all your friends no longer want to go as the cultural legends the Beatles, and you’re stuck with the Lennon glasses you bought. Just out of spite, you’ll go as a punk from the 1980’s, fighting the oppression of the masses and the flakes who betrayed you.

Most likely to: “accidentally” damage someone else’s costume on your very spikey bracelet when they insult your country

History & European Studies

With so many options available to you, it's almost hard to make a choice! After dabbling with some famous historical serial killers like Elizabeth Bathory & Jack the Ripper, you'll decide on something much scarier: a 1950's lawmaker trying to deny women's rights, enforce systemic racism & maintain a class system – oh wait, let's make that 2017.


When you're trying to save the world and your grades at the same time…

By rights, your outfit should be straight-up evil – but you’re tired of sticking to the rules. You’ll be desperate to go out, maybe as your favourite film character but judging by the stack of reading you have due, it’s not looking hopeful. Don’t worry Cinderella, you will go to the haunted house! You’ve just got to message the group chat first to see if anyone has finished their essay.

Most likely to: spend the night furiously checking Moodle to assuage your guilt

Maths & Architecture

Empire State? Too American. Acute (a “cute”) angle? Too basic. Pythagorius’s Theorem? Well that would be a first for it’s application in real life. The real problem with these costumes is that you have no one to do them with – so you’ll go for a classic duo (Batman & Robin, Betty & Veronica) and rock that karaoke.

Most likely to: overdo it on the mystery brew and get peeled off the floor by a mate


The mask is perfect to hide how very, very tired you are

Who are we kidding, you don’t have time or energy to dedicate to a costume, you’re going to borrow your flatmates bunny ears and go as the Easter Bunny with a pack of expired eggs.

Most likely to: avoid anyone dressed up as a sexy nurse/doctor, it’s not even funny at this point

Modern Languages

You’ll tend to stick with the most iconic costumes, classical vampire or werewolf is absolutely right up your street. You'll read all the die Brüder Grimm stories until you find something suitable, or perhaps some casual French existentialism. Is it really Halloween if you don’t see at least one person with fake blood and (real) fangs? Just try not to blow your loan on a fancy cape, and then have to budget with £3.50 for the rest of the term.

Most likely to: be tagged in 50+ photos the next morning


While the great thinkers of the world gave us ethics, law & democracy, they didn’t give you fire costumes.You like ideas which are witty, and you’ll probably go out as a group with your flatmates or if you’re cuffed you’ll find the best couples costume like Ben & Jerry’s, Barbie & Ken or Sherlock & Watson.

Most Likely to: be stressing last minute for a costume


As your subject doesn’t really lend itself to dressing up, unless you’re really creative, you’ll probably think of something really out of the box (or solar system??). You’ll have a great time, even if you have to explain your outfit to a couple of people.

Least likely to: stick to a budget on their costume


You’ll want to go as Trump but you can’t physically stomach the fake tan and cheeto smell. Then you’ll try Thatcher, but the wrinkles and conservatism will put a downer on your night, plus people may not realise it’s ironic. Eventually you’ll settle for Marx because who doesn’t love a socialist!

Most likely to: pull at the club


You love bad girls? Well I love dissecting tragic cases with therapy so let's begin

From Freud to Jung, you know the ins and outs of the human psyche. Not only will you spend the night deciding if a generic cat costume represents an overcompensation for their lack of social life, desperation for attention from their father or just out for a good time. You’ll probably go as a maximum effort costume – likely a witch or an anti-hero (which presents it’s own set of ethical questions).

Most likely to: run out of battery in the club and have to socialise