Bongo’s Bingo are holding a one-off show at Printworks with So Solid Crew

Eyes on the prize


Bongo's Bingo will be holding a one-off show at the legendary Printworks this November.

The iconic south of the river venue will host one of the biggest Bongo's Bingo's show this year, with So Solid Crew co-hosting as special guests.

On Thursday November 9th, Bingo-goers won't expect a room full of old women winning mediocre prizes. Instead, it's promised to be a night of sing-a-longs, raving, twerk-offs, heckling, audience participation, dancing on tables – nothing like the usual Thursday night event your gran goes to.

Prizes range from Henry Hoovers, boxes or Coco Pops, life-size cardboard cut outs to cold hard cash.

Bongo’s Bingo sells out shows all over the UK, from Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle and Sheffield.

The Printworks debut is set to be special, but you can usually catch them at the Clapham Grand if you can't make this event.

Tickets are now on sale at