UCL is the third fittest university in UK


UCL has the third-most sought after university population in the country, according to dating app Happn.

Researchers identified the universities associated with postcodes in which most matches were made, and then published a list of the results.

Unsurprisingly, half of the top ten fittest universities were in London. Ranking in the top three, UCL is beaten only by Kings and LSE. Imperial College London took fourth place, impressive for a university known for their excess men and perpetual virginity. Okay, fine, maybe they’re known for academic reasons too.

UCL’s result comes as no surprise; after all, it is the university that brought you Pietro Boselli, the famously attractive maths lecturer and model.

Depth effect

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Scottish universities Edinburgh andGlasgow featured too, at places five and eight respectively. You can read the complete list of the fittest unis here.

Sure, King’s may have beaten us with their second place position, but let’s be honest – after their performance in league tables this year, not to mention London Varsity, they can have this one.