These are officially the fittest universities in the UK

The only hot or not list that counts

Dating app Happn have released the *official* ranking of the hottest unis in the UK, based on where the most matches were made.

Unsurprisingly, the Russell Groups take many of the top spots, with London unis like LSE, King’s, Imperial and UCL seeing the most romance blossoming and claiming the fittest university title.

There’s obviously a lot of romancing going on up North, considering Edinburgh, Newcastle, and Manchester, to name a few, landed high places in the rankings. But we all know Northerners have the most fun, so are we really surprised these students are getting the most matches?

It seems that smaller unis like Coventry and UWE are finally getting the recognition for their hotness, beating out major Russell Groups like Durham, St Andrews and York, who didn’t even make the top 20.

It’s time to update your profiles with your most fire insta selfies and get swiping if you want to make the hot list next year.

See where your uni ranked in the list below.

Top 20 fittest universities

[infogram id=”91941e53-7db1-4099-bc15-1536f8e408f6″ prefix=”Hos” format=”interactive” title=”Top 20 fittest universities in the UK”]