The 5 new shows you need to watch this year

Got a gap in your televisual schedule? Take a look at these new kids on the block….

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True Detective


The cast of this show is pure testimony to the draw of the HBO production label. Two of Hollywoods biggest Southern stars, Matthew Mconaughey and Woody Harrelson feature as detectives tracking a Serial Killer though Louisiana. This is a show surrounded by huge hype, no doubt aiming to be seen as a Breaking Bad/Wire/Sopranos replacement. I also feel I very much know what we are in for with this sort of show; graphic murders, seedy bars and crooked cops struggling with inner daemons. Despite that I am sure to be hooked after the first episode as we are also promised great performances, quality production and engaging story lines. It will air on Sky Atlantic in the UK later this year, but begins in the US in January.

True Detective Trailer

A Poet in New York


Coming to BBC 2 is a two part drama from Andrew Davies telling the story of how Welsh poet Thomas Dylan came to be found dead, at age 39, in New York City. Davies is the BBC’s go to man for quality period drama having adapted Little Dorrit, Pride and Prejudiced and Dr Zivago among many others. This production however is an original screenplay which offers an exciting opportunity to bring the largely unknown story of Dylan’s intriguing death to a wider audience. The production features Tom Hollander (Pride and Prejudice, Pirates of the Caribean) in the title role with support from Ewen Bremner and Essie Davis.

Mob City


This sleek 1940s drama from the creators of the walking dead seems like an apt replacement for the peaky-blinders-shaped hole on anyone’s viewing schedule. Not only does it Feature a guest performance from Simon Pegg but also stars small screen heavy weights John Berth (Shane from walking dead) and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli/Jess on Gilmore Girls). Set in post-war Los Angeles the show promises to be faced paced and ambitious, with the story line spanning two decades. Having just finished across the pond, it will be coming to Fox UK later this year.

Mob City Trailer


Babylon DPC_A2

This show may be a good while off but it does sound mighty exciting. From the writers of Peep Show and Fresh meat and directed by Danny Boyle comes a new comedy series following the reinvention of the image of the London police force at the hand of an American publicist (Brit Marling). Also starring James Nesbitt, this collaboration of big name Brits promises to only add to our reputation for quality comedy. Will air on Channel 4.

Girls – Season 3


There is a slew of promising HBO comedies on the horizon for 2014 including Looking which follows the live of three gay men in San Francisco and Hello Ladies featuring Stephen Merchant as a British goon living among the beautiful people of LA. I fear however that these shows are not going to compete, in column inches or entertainment value, with the return of Girls in January 2014. Part of my fascination with this show is seeing who far Lena Dunham can push it; how annoying/immoral/gross can the characters and the situations get before people stop emphasising or engaging with them? If you haven’t seen any of Girls, I would suggest catching up quick so you can join in the debates that will no doubt be inflamed with the start of the third series.

Girls Season 3 Trailer