UCL’s cutest toilet graffiti

Some loos have horrible things on the walls. UCL’s are…weirdly nice

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Wise words come in many forms: from a professor, from a book, from…Janet Street Porter.

But often they are merely scrawled on the walls of your favourite bog. And so often they are actually less wise and more rabidly offensive.

UCL however, being a hotbed of academia and folks who stand for stuff, appears to have some of the nicest toilet graffiti this reporter has ever seen. There’s barely a crudely drawn cock and balls in sight.

Read on for moments to brighten your day:

Everything needs to be a thorough, well-balanced discussion. Even overly clever toilet gags

A tardis. A TARDIS

Physics jokes!

Even the comment on this was nice

Some wrote out an enitre William Ernest Henley poem. Yeah

Continuing with the Dr. Who theme, this is actually quite terrifying. Someone check that Billie Piper hasn’t fallen into an alternate universe down the urinals

“The ULU President certainly is a contrary fellow but he most certainly does not deserve to have his right to free speech curtailed” – Oh come on, say something about clunge

Even this creepy badger is cute!

Okay so they weren’t all cute