Single this Christmas? All the festive activities to do with your pals in Liverpool this winter

Stop scrolling on Hinge to find a trip to Winter Wonderland- it’s not going to happen

As ‘cuffing season’ has well and truly approached us and the Insta stories begin to flood your feed of couples at the Christmas markets and their cosy nights in, you may find yourself questioning where your own love life is going. Let me stop you there. Do not do this.

You’ll only find yourself either 18 profiles deep on Hinge, sitting awkwardly at the end of the bed in someone’s grim student house, or even worse ending up with someone you met in The Raz smoking area who you’ll have no interest in in three months. Instead- heres a few wholesome festive activities to keep you busy over the next few weeks to distract you from single life:


Stop those winter blues with a trip to home bargains with your pals for all your Christmas decor essentials- it will be your new bestie! Even the slightest bit of tinsel, a few fairy lights and a Christmas tree covered in your pretty pink Elux and Elf Bars is the perfect fix. Not only does this decor spruce up your student home, but it gives you something to do when its suddenly dark at 4pm and you feel as though the day is over. The day has just begun darling. Make Mariah Carey proud.

Scandalous secret Santa

Whether you want to get your bestie a wholesome gift, or something a little more scandalous, a secret Santa with your group of preferred people is needed this Christmas. Nothing quite puts a price on watching your friend’s face light up whilst giving them the most mediocre, cheap but personal present- even a bag of potatoes for your housemate who loves cooking mash would do the job. Wholesome.

Create your own Christmas Pub golf

For this festivity the power is in your hands; you get to choose the route from your favourite pubs in Smithdown and the city centre. It isn’t just plain old pub golf though, in your teams you must dress as something festive, you could be a sprout, the whole of the Nativity, or even sexy Santas to finesse some free drinks. Downing pints dressed as Christmas trees never sounded better, right?

Christmas come dine with me

With the cost of the living crisis this makes going out for meals as a group not ideal, so why not instead each cook a starter, main and a desert with your house or flatmates, a progressive dinner may also work with each course in a different location. Of course, it doesn’t have to be fancy and for those of you who can’t cook there is always a volunteer needed to tackle the washing up. Score each team on their dish, decide the winners and a prize, and then end the night with a sprinkle of Christmas karaoke if you wish. We all love a bit of Wham!

Liverpool Christmas markets

The most basic, but essential festivity of them all; the Christmas markets. Who doesn’t love a bit of good scran washed down with a mulled wine, or a hot chocolate for the more immature taste buds like myself? Don’t feel lonely in Liverpool this winter- spend time with some good pals, keep as busy as you’d like to and never compare yourself to others.