Say hello to The Georgian Quarter — Liverpool’s most underrated student neighbourhood

After living there for two years, here’s my manifesto on why this is the ideal place to live in Liverpool

It’s almost that time of year when friends decide to become housemates. The time of year when you spend your days trawling around house viewings on cold evenings. Yes, the rush to find a student house for the new academic year is upon us! 

As plenty of people flock towards Smithdown or Kensington, people often neglect Liverpool’s most under-rated student neighbourhood, the Georgian Quarter. After having lived in the Georgian Quarter for two years, I’m here to put some respect on this neighbourhood’s name. 

Best of both worlds

Hannah Montana infamously sang about the best of both worlds. What she was describing was, in fact, the ideal location of the Georgian Quarter: the best of both city life and student life. 

We tracked the location from the centre of the Georgian Quarter to three Liverpool sites: the SJ, Smithdown Asda and Lime Street

The Georgian Quarter is perfectly located for all your needs. Throw out that bus pass and use those legs God gave you. From the Georgian Quarter (the GQ to locals), every worthwhile site is around a 30-minute walk away (or less). Do you want to go to university? Forget about relying on buses all day, just hop over. Pop into the city? It’s only down the hill. Even Smithdown is an achievable walk from the GQ. 

Feast for the eyes

Who doesn’t want to live in a pretty building? Bid farewell to the ground floor bay-windowed bedrooms of Smithdown, and say hello to four-storey Georgian-style extravaganza. After a long day at university, there’s nothing cosier than walking down Canning Street back home. The charm of the buildings, the old-world street lamps, and the subtle differences in architectural styles between each street cast a spell on the student residents of the Georgian Quarter. It’s no wonder that the buildings in the Georgian Quarter are listed. 

The Georgian Quarter is far from camera shy

Imagine the Instagram stories, the pictures from pre-drinks before walking (yes, walking) into town or even just a nice group photo of all your housemates. Let’s put it this way, you wouldn’t be ashamed to bring your grandparents to this part of the city.

You’re a part of history

The Georgian Quarter dates back to the beginning of the 19th century when local surveyor John Foster wanted to develop a residential area on an old peat bog. Since then figures such as John Lennon, William Gladstone, and Brian Epstein have dwelled in the GQ.

It’s hard to not feel part of Liverpool’s rich history when living in this corner of the city. It’s not all about the houses though, there are plenty of quirky buildings to look out for. You can also take some pride in telling people that your student gaff is on Wikipedia (believe me, I did this in my second year).

It’s a whole lifestyle

Don’t mess with the Georgian Quarter!

You may still be unconvinced: why move somewhere just for the aesthetic? Isn’t the Georgian Quarter just a residential area for bohemian locals™? Isn’t the Georgian Quarter a bit dead in comparison to Smithdown?

Well, there’s more to the GQ than meets the eye. The neighbourhood boasts its own sights and sounds that are perfect for students to enjoy. A gorgeous meal on the cobbles of Falkner Street, a pint at some of Liverpool’s swankiest pubs — the Georgian Quarter doesn’t need to rely on the nearby city centre to make its own fun.