Sick of the SJ and Harold Cohen? Here are the top five alternative places to study in Liverpool

Because the same four walls can get old REAL quick

The library can be a great place to get work done, but sitting in the same seat, with the same meal deal every day is sure to get depressing after a while. Gone are the days of overly chatty first years and freezing cold air con, instead, let’s start romanticising revision… if that’s even possible.

At the Tab Liverpool, we have devised a guide for all the best places to study that aren’t the library. So, if you’re ready to switch up your routine, embrace change and embark on a wild weekday adventure, these places are perfect for you.

Tate Liverpool 

It’s 3.30 pm on a Thursday afternoon. The 86 rounds the corner, passing the stop where you would usually jump-off for the SJ. Ah Sydney, my old friend: it’s always cold, it’s always grey, and all the toilets in the first floor Grove Wing girls bathroom have never worked at the same time.

Instead of going for the obvious choice of the reliable SJ, the Tate Gallery is the perfect place for anyone who is understandably bored stiff of studying in one of the ugliest buildings in Liverpool. What better way to have a mental breakdown than being surrounded by some of the coolest artwork in Liverpool?

Tate Cafe gallery (feat my espresso and tap water)


The Reader, Calderstones Park

Walking through Calderstones Park is great to get some air in between all the essential reading that you’re trying to get on top of, and makes a great change from the usual afternoon walk through Sefton. You’ll find lots of dogs and you’ll sit down feeling fresh and ready to attack work, rather than look at Instagram for half an hour. The cafe itself is lovely. It’s a very bright space, full of natural lighting AND there’s free WiFi.

To top it all off, they do really tasty homemade cakes and snacks (I forgot to take a picture before I ate mine – it was that good).

The Reader is a cute little cafe in the centre of Calderstones Park

Orgânico Juice Bar & Eatery, Bold Street

This is a very pretty place to study in and you might already recognise their boujee interior if you’ve spotted it walking down Bold Street. There’s ample seating, including outdoor seating situated on the very scenic Bold Street – perfect for a study sesh on a sunnier day. It’s even bigger on the inside, and tables for two stretch right back into the building. It’s like the Tardis of veggie cafes.

It’s also arguably a fab location for a (romantic?) study date, especially if you or your date are veggie or vegan. Their fruit smoothies are to die for. I love a Tesco meal deal as much as the next person, but coming here is a nice change to scoffing a hoisin duck wrap at an SJ desk.

If you like Leaf, you’ll love this place too – it is great value for money for the quality of what is being served. However, if you are a bit cash strapped,  then perhaps consider eating that hoisin duck wrap, then coming here and treating yourself to a smoothie.

Thanks to Tori from University of Sheffield for this pic – Orgânico is a hit with local and non-Liverpool students alike

Central Library

This place is the mother of all Liverpudlian libraries. The ‘reading room’ is perfect for studying – quiet, warm and full of other people sweating out work. Also, they have free (and clean) toilets! This is great if you want to avoid seeing that person in the SJ, but also need a classic library environment to study in. It’s a beautiful building, like the Harold Cohen on steroids.

You can also get a library card free of charge that lets you use the computers, and the WiFi is fantastic. If your laptop has a bit of a tenuous relationship with Eduroam, it’ll be refreshing to actually just sit down and instantly connect to strong WiFi.

It’s probably a bit further out from Uni of Liverpool than some people would like. However, because the Central Library is, unsurprisingly, right in the city centre, it’s great for people who live nearer the John Moores buildings. Also, the closing times vary (it isn’t always open 9-5 every weekday), so check the website for timings before you make a trip out there.

You can get an LFC library card for free!

92 Degrees, Myrtle Street

The vibe here is definitely a favourite among students, and if you haven’t been here beforewhat are you doing? There are comfy sofas and chairs, including big tables for larger groups and outdoor seating.

The staff are also the most friendly, down to earth baristas – it’s a whole experience. Also, nearly everyone who comes here is a student looking to make one coffee last while they do a few hour’s worth of revision.

If that wasn’t enough, they have an app for their loyalty card, which I highly recommend downloading if you end up coming here a lot.

92 degrees is ideal for students not looking to travel far from campus

As students, we deserve a whole lot better than having to wear our coats inside, whilst trying to scoff the packet of crisps we got in our meal deal as quietly as humanly possible. So if you ever find yourself stuck complaining about the same boring revision routine, this is your sign to switch it up, break out from the grips of the SJ and Harold Cohen, and find yourself a cosy, new study corner.