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Why your second year at uni will actually be the best of them all

It tops first year, promise

Everyone thinks that first year is the best, out 24/7, making new friends and only getting 40 per cent to pass, but who says the sesh stops there?

Here are all the reasons why second year will actually be the best of them all, and probably the best year of your young adult life.

You're living in a house

No more residential advisors knocking on your door at 11pm to tell you pre drinks are over and you need to leave, plus no cleaners waking you up at 8am hoovering the corridor.

You can party all night long and wake up to a house full of peace and quiet. Since you're now living with your favourite people, there's also no more awkward conversations in the kitchen with flatmates you don't get on with and no more using a shared bathroom with 12 other people who don't seem to know what hygiene is.

Last but not least, you can enjoy living somewhere with central heating and a window that opens more than three inches. No more feeling like you're going to burn alive like when it hits summer in halls. Absolute bliss!


You know all the best clubs to go to

By know you've figured out the best clubs to go and the cheapest places to get drunk. No more spending Saturday nights in Popworld or Walkabout, spending over five quid on a double vodka and coke. Quids in at Heebie Jeebies on a Thursday night is the place to be and Cava for those £1 tequila shots is where it's at.

You've also learnt that Wetherspoons isn't always the best place for pre drinks, instead that drinking a whole bottle of Echo Falls fruity vodka before you leave is the more viable, and price-conscious, option.

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We know the ultimate time to reach the queue too

You've actually got a working washing machine in your house

No more carrying your clothes back and forth to the dreaded, dirty Circuit laundry room for a quick 30 minute wash at the expense of £2.50, plus the absolute joy of actually going to get your laundry out the washing machine after a thorough wash not to find some random person's odd sock in there or, at worst, a pink thong that the last person has forgotten to take out of the machine. It's heavenly!

Mmmm fresh

You've managed to learn how to cook

First year was pretty daunting, faced with a brand new set of Ikea pots, pans and utensils and not a clue how to use them. You'd spent of most of first year eating Super Noodles, cooking beans on toast and ordering from Deliveroo and JustEat. However after a year of uni, you've just about mastered a mean chilli con carne and a cheeky chow mein and you've even managed to whip up a roast for the house. Someone call Masterchef!

Look what I made mum

You've got the library etiquette nailed

The library is no longer a scary place where you struggle to find your course's area and nearly get squished in between the bookcases when someone decides to move it to get their book. You know where to find a good seat and at what time to get in the library during exam and deadline season to make sure you get that spot in the quiet area, meaning you've perfected the "goes to the library with a Tesco meal deal to write an essay and writes 45 words in five hours". Absolutely nailed it lads.

Got that perfect seat

And finally, even though second year counts, it's only 30 per cent

Yes second year means something, but no where near as much as third year, so you can still go out and have fun without having to stress about the lack of reading and revision you're doing. It only counts for 30 per cent of your degree which means you can scrape a 2:2 in second year and absolutely nail that 2:1 in third year. See, there's basically nothing to be worried about!

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The sesh doesn't die in second year