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VOTE NOW: Best dressed on Campus

Christmas campus style takes Liverpool


While the winter winds are hitting us Northen folk in Liverpool hard, there is nothing putting a stop to style on campus this week. Big fluffy coats, scarves galore and even a french twist of a beret, vote now for your favourite fashionista strutting through Abercrombie Square this festive season.

Kasai Rimmer, Psychology

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First up is Kasai sporting the comfiest coat you have ever seen. Not only does this coat protect you from the perils of the Northern wind, but you can remain chić and stylish as you strut through campus from lecture to lecture.

Ellie Nice, Hispanic and English Lit

What better way to complete the christmas look than with a big warm scarf. Simple yet effective, Ellie tops off her casual, cool style with a pair of mom jeans and black shirt jacket, taking us back to the nineties as she makes her way to North campus.

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Finn Allison, Maths

Again keeping it casual, Finn works the stripes on his navy blue and white stripy T, paired with black jeans, jacket and trainers. Able to brave the cold, Finn keeps it cool (literally) and stylish as he takes a trip to the SJ.

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Erin Burns, English Literature

Taking us on romantic trip round Europe, Erin sports a French style with red lipstick and beret, matched with a burgundy oversized jumper and black heeled ankle boots. The look is finshed, once again, with a long grey scarf, enabling her to strut fearlessly and fashionably round uni this christmas. Parfait.

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Amber Bradley, Veterinary Science

Stealing the attention of all passerbyers, Amber showcases her fabulous leopard print jacket and striped trousers, topped off with a backwards cap. This timeless look will never fail to look chić and stylish, meaning Amber can feel confident she is ready to step onto a vintage runway straight after her 9am.

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Rex Orcajada, Pharmacology

Taking a turn from skinny jeans, here Rex sports a pair of baggy denims combined with an oversized fleece and New Balances. Once again bringing back a ninties style, there is no denying that this look has got the edge.

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Maxwell Elliot, Geology

Bringing a bit of edgy-class into the equation, our last look competing for campus style this time round is Maxwell's Breakfast-Clubesque outfit. With the white shirt, brogues and patterened scarf Maxwell invites a sense of sophisitication onto campus, topped off with a cool pair of sunnies.

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So there we have our seven competitors for the title of christmas campus style king or queen, who will be crowned for their showcase of stylish apparel this week?