Justin Bieber was spotted in Liverpool last night

He was telling fans to relax

justin beiber parr street

Justin Bieber was greeted by cheering and screaming fans as he left Parr Street studios last night after a long 8 hour recording session. The studio is Grammy-award winning and the largest outside of London, and has also had artists like Rihanna and Drake record there.

The pop star was seen sporting grey tracksuit bottoms and a long sleeved “staff” shirt. Perhaps a poor attempt at a disguise or has he got down with the local student fashion, the lazy fresher, “throw anything on” look.

It was thought that his diva attitude has calmed down as he was carrying his own bags as he hopped in the back of a black Mercedes, but he can be heard telling screaming fans to calm down and asking photographers not to shove cameras in his face.

Studio Manager Chris Taylor said they often have big stars but prefer to keep it secret in order “to keep them out of the spotlight”. He went on to say how they “had to warn the receptionist to deny all knowledge, if anyone asked.” He believes the studios pride themselves “on being discreet because that’s what most celebrities want”.Ryan Mira, an eye witness posted on twitter “GUTTING for all you Scousers. Justin Bieber was actually in Liverpool city centre today, just next to Bold street!”.

Anna, third year JMU student who lives on Parr street told us, “he didn’t even give us a wave”, while her housemate Becky added,
“There wasn’t actually that many people there and we watched from the window for a bit. Gave up and started watching TV and listening for the screams.”