Car destroys students’ garden wall

“It sounded like an earthquake”

crash smithdown wall

An 8 bed house on Lawrence Road was startled by a loud noise last Wednesday, when a car careered through their front garden wall.

The house, a mixture of Uni of and John Moores students, was suddenly disturbed by what Sarah Milling, Early Childhood Studies second year at JMU, said “sounded like loud bins crashing”.

Police arrived promptly to the scene, as did haulage vehicles to remove the wreckage.

Sarah told The Tab, “It was a family in the car and they were pretty shaken up. They came into the house while everything was sorted outside.”

Neil Tarbuck added, “It sounded like an earthquake. There were two cars involved and I assume they collided with each other before the silver one went into the wall.

“The blue car had the family in it.”

Zara Mooney, also a second year Early Childhood Studies student at John Moores and Neil Tarbuck, a second year Physics at University of Liverpool, were also in the house at the time of the crash.

They told us: “The Police didn’t speak to us. They did contact the letting agents though. A Community Support Officer did knock on the door, but once he knew we were okay he left.”

However it does seem that the wrecked wall has found a use for itself in the community. Zara said: “The local children used to play on the rubble before they cleared it up.”

The house are not sure when their wall will be rebuilt.  However until then they can at least claim their garden wall to be one of many, er, distinctive, local landmarks.