How to make sure your second year housemates are boss

They have to be just right

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It’s the time of year where the rush to find student houses peaks. But, before you even think about your dream house on Langdale you need to find people to fill it with.

You might really click with the people you live in Carnatic with, and so it makes sense to live with them again. You know each other’s routines, you’ve heard every shitty joke in their repertoire, and you’re finally used to their annoying habits.

If you’re looking to move in with new people, it can be more difficult. As much as everyone loves the fun friend in the group, they aren’t always the best person to live with.So what makes the perfect flatmate?

housemates = pals 4 life?

A comedic genius

Can they make you laugh? If the answer is no, why bother with them at all? Your time at university is too short to be living with someone with no sense of humour.  If they don’t make you chuckle on that 8:40am trip on the 699 – they aren’t the one.

A future Masterchef winner

If you’re the kind of person who loves food, but can only ever be bothered doing a daily Nabzy’s run, a flatmate who can cook is a must. Make the most of their talents and suggest “those dauphinois potatoes you’re making can serve two…surely?”.

Someone with no shame

Someone who will do silly things with you. If your potential housemates refuses to dress up in ridiculous outfits (Lambana, obvs) and do elaborate flat editions of Come Dine With Me, are they even worth considering?

The King or Queen of shots

Every student who likes to party needs a reliable drinking buddy. And if they live with you, you can always rely on them to turn up to pre-drinks.  You can count on them to do the disgusting Cava shots with you until 3am and join you for a Brookie breakfast the next morning.

Mr or Mrs Loosey-Goosey

Student life is great…except the week before deadlines. If you’re having a major panic over work, you can rely on this friend to keep you calm.  They’ll remind you that second year only counts for 30%, so it doesn’t really matter if you leave the SJ and come to The Raz instead.

The pre-uni pal

If you have old friends in the city that you’ve known forever, they’re always an option! After all, your school friends were probably your original drinking pals back when you didn’t have ID to get into Level and resorted to benches in parks and people’s back gardens instead.

Or just the entire squad

Who says you have to be limited to four or five flatmates? Go the whole hog and cram all your favourite people in to a 10-bed on Arundel Avenue.  What could go wrong?