Diet Coke has the same effect on your body as cocaine

Wrong type of coke

Diet Coke can have the same effect on your brain as cocaine, according to an expert.

It’s better known for cutting back on calories rather than going on a rager, but a recent study has shown the health implications of Diet Coke are far worse than they seem, giving “a short addictive high similar in the way cocaine works”.

Niraj Naik who runs the Renegade Pharmacist blog reckons Diet Coke creates a buzz just like the Class A drug.


Apparently Diet Coke can have the same effect on your body as cocaine

He said the chemicals released “may exhaust your brain by over-stimulating its neuro-receptors, especially if the drink is consumed on a regular basis”.

According to the pharmacist, Diet Coke is associated with a “higher likelihood of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure”. 

Surprisingly, the one calorie fizzy drink, associated with weight loss, is also in fact related to weight gain, according to the study.

The guide explains how the lighter coke affects the body at different stages over an hour time period.

After ten minutes you should apparently first be worried about your teeth as Diet Coke starts to attack the enamel whilst aspartame and other artificial sweeteners start to take effect.

Aspartame triggers taste receptors that make the body think it’s processing sugars, as though you had drunk normal full fat coke.


According to experts, Diet Coke is associated with heart disease, strokes and diabetes

20 minutes after having been drunk, Diet Coke triggers insulin, similar to that of regular Coke, which “sends your body into fat storage mode” according to Niraj.

He said Diet Coke only leaves your body craving something sweet which increases the likelihood of devouring a chocolate bar after having consumed it.

So maybe we should have just gone for the full fat stuff in the first place.

Furthermore, he said consuming Diet Coke leads to dehydration rather than hydration, leaving you thirstier than you were before and likely to quench your thirst with something sugary.

Coca-Cola responded to the research, saying all its products are safe and should be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle featuring regular exercise.

My Experience

As a cocaine virgin, I thought I’d dabble in a bit of Diet Coke in the attempt to experience the same high experienced after taking the class A drug.

I figured that a lot of Diet Coke would have to be consumed to achieve the same high, so I knocked back eight cans to test the effects.


12:34 – let the legal high begin

Can 1

Absolutely fine, no problem at all, feel normal, no euphoric feelings here.

2 in 5 mins. eeeeeaaaazy

2 in 5 mins. eeeeeaaaazy

Can 2

Nothing other than my teeth feeling like they’re being eroded away.


Contemplating the future

Can 3

The bloating and uncontrollable shaking begins. Still no euphoria but I do feel like someone has injected sugar into my veins.

But I haven’t even consumed any sugar? My body is confused.

Is this what a 'mellow high' looks like?

Is this what a ‘mellow high’ looks like?

Can 4

By now my fat storage should be switching on which is depressing since it’s supposed to be Diet.

Still no euphoria, just feel disgusting.


Can 5

My head feels weird.

Bloating reaches new levels but still no visions.

If this is what cocaine is like you’re wasting your money.

The pain is real

The pain is real

Can 6

Eyes are blurry and my head hurts leaving me sad and confused.

Is this a comedown from a non-existent high?

Devoted to science

Devoted to science


Shit just got real

Shit just got real

Not even phased mate.

Not even phased mate.

Can 6.5


'm8 wot even happened last night?'

What even happened last night?’

Can 7

Totally crashing out and losing the will.

Questioning the meaning of life.

thank you and goodnight.

Thank you and goodnight.

Can 8

Think I may have overdosed.

Time to sleep and pray that I don’t wake up having lost my teeth.

But overall I highly doubt Diet Coke does in fact mimic the same high as cocaine because slamming eight Diet Cokes in a row was vile.