The girls: A definitive list of Liverpool Uni stereotypes

We went on campus safari and here’s what we saw

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When school was over many of us thought cliquey groups and stereotypical students were a thing of the past. Oh how wrong we were. If anything university has enhanced those delightful typecast traits. Here are just a few standard examples of student stereotypes that just about everyone can relate to.

For those people who thought the university-based comedy, Fresh Meat merely consisted of unbelievable story-lines and exaggerated stereotypes, they were wrong…

In fact, this representation was scarily accurate.

The beauty of university is that people that would never have been friends at school are thrown together to create an unorthodox group of misfits. This means that one group at uni could be made up of a number of contradicting stereotypes. Although, of course, every group of friends differs, here are some examples of student stereotypes that can certainly be found here:

The Studious One

Always around to read through your essays

This student is diligent, driven and has had big dreams of being a high flying insurance broker since she was yay-high. Along with her future children’s names and the granite work surfaces in her 4 bedroom detached house, she has everything picked out. Although she’s fun to be around, she’s not the going out type, choosing to stay in and tweak that first-class essay just a little more with her perfect boyfriend at her side.

The Stoner

Usually named Mary-Jane

Sharing is caring when it comes to the stoners of the group. You will find these student slouched in a haze, professing slowly yet passionately that weed should be legalised. While watering their bonsai trees, they discover the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything, but unfortunately their line of thought is suddenly lost when they come across another hilarious cat on YouTube.

The ‘Promiscuous’ One

This student is young, free and single, and is utilising the uni experience the way she knows best – by indulging in casual and frequent sex. Her carefree attitude means that she takes seeing last week’s shag around campus in her stride (thankfully, as it happens a lot) and encourages her mates to share her brilliantly brazen approach.

The Sporty One

They’ll pressure you into buying a gym membership

You’ll find this student in the gym, at team practice or on tour. She has more energy than sense and, unintentionally, makes her friends feel unfit, lazy and worthless as she bounds out of the house at 7am for a run. Although most students would not find the time for extra-curricular activities among their hangovers and Come Dine with Me marathons, this student’s productivity never ceases to amaze.

The Activist

A rare find

Unfortunately this student is a dying breed as less and less students want to be involved in activism as there is a lot of negativity attached to it. But what’s wrong with getting your coffee from an independent shop, buying your clothes from charity shops and letting people know about your cause? If there are no activists in your group with strong opinions and copious amounts of armpit hair, why not set the trend!?

These are only a few stereotypes present in university life but there are many, many more. Which stereotypical categories do you or your friends fall into? Write them below.


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