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University of Lincoln students won’t receive maintenance loans until October

The delay is the result of a change in term times, with the 2020/21 academic year set to begin on 5th October

Following the change in term times, University of Lincoln students won’t be receiving their loans before 12th October.

The University will be aiming to enrol all students in the week commencing 12th October, and have said that Student Finance England typically pay students five days after enrolment.

The University have said: “We will notify Student Finance England that our term start date will be 12th October 2020. We will be aiming to enrol all new and continuing students as soon as possible during the w/c 12th October and SFE will normally be able to make payments directly to students about five working days following confirmation of enrolment”.

This means that students will be receiving loans much later than in previous years, creating some concerns around rent payments.

However, the University have said that they will be adjusting University-managed accommodation contracts to reflect the new start and end dates.

In regards to private sector providers, the University is hoping to work with providers and landlords, explaining the change, and ensuring that students will have accommodation for the entirety of the upcoming academic year.

The full statement from the university around the issue of accommodation says: “We know that many students will already have plans or bookings for their term time accommodation for 2020/21. Where you are going to be living in University-managed accommodation, we will be adjusting the contract start and end dates to reflect the new term dates. The University will also be working with private sector providers and landlords to explain the move in the term dates and ask them to make sure that your accommodation contract terms will ensure that you have accommodation available for the whole of the 2020/21 academic year.”

You can find out more about the University’s plans for the 2020/21 academic year here.