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Lincoln University Hockey team is set to play a memorial game in tribute to Grace Millane

The game will take place on Wednesday 12th December, 2-4pm

The University of Lincoln Hockey team are set to play a game on the astroturf located next to the sport's centre (near Pavillions), on Wednesday afternoon in tribute to former member, Grace Millane.

Grace, who's body who is suspected to have now been found but not yet formally identified, played for the University team before she graduated this September.

News of the memorial game has been shared across social media, with support from many other societies and students at the university.

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Posts from other societies are spreading the news

Across the university and the city of Lincoln, many are paying tribute across social media and the University of Lincoln are offering support for those affected by the news.

A 26-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in court this morning charged with the murder of Grace Millane.

He will appear in court again next month.